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The future you want requires action? 



                     STRATEGIC COACHING



If you have made it this far there is a certainty that you’ve probably came across many life coaches, lifestyle gurus, personal coaches that  are available on the web. In this industry  we all have different areas of expertise and operate with slightly contrasting approaches and styles. There are a few things to you need to ask yourself before choosing any coach.

Ask Yourself


  • Are you willing to invest in your own happiness.

  • What would life be like if I achieved my goals

  • Is what I'm doing today moving me closer to the future I want.

  • Am I ready to hold my self, and be held accountable

  When you're aligned with your purpose and empower yourself,  life will fall into place.


Mr. Broadnax is always organized and well-prepared. He sets high standards and expectations for every student that he counsels. Mr. Broadnax has a talent for engaging students, motivating them to reach their behavioral and academic goals. Mr. Broadnax always communicated to administrators and counselors when he recognized that a student was performing below standards and immediately took the appropriate action to remedy the situation. He accomplishes this thorough creating interventions and collaborating with grade level teachers. Mr. Broadnax takes pride in developing positive relationships with both parents and students that he services. He is friendly and exhibits professionalism at all times. 

Timothy B. Martin Sr., M.Ed.

Assistant Principal

I'm growing into exactly who I want to be. Maybe you should take the advice you gave me a year ago. You absolutely know that life is fragile and time is too short to keep doing the same old dance. "stop functioning out of fear.", "invest in yourself." "move outside the box you've put yourself in.", "if not today, when?". Those are all the things Mr. Broadnax said to me a year ago. Last year I had 4 new clients, this year I have 4 plus 4 more and I'm a YouTube star!


Gwen Pulido

Mother, Wife/Entrprenuer

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